Taking advantage of the United Kingdom’s popular free boiler scheme is not just rewarding, it is also very easy to do. To begin with, an applicant will want to be sure that the household boiler in question is at least eight years old, because models newer than this cutoff are not eligible for replacement. At that point, it typically pays to fill out the online form at the official website, with the information that is asked for only taking a few minutes to convey.

Within less than an hour, those who fill out an application will typically receive a response. For those who appear to qualify for the program, a program worker will then schedule an appointment with a local technician within a couple of days. That individual will then get in touch with the homeowner or tenant to arrange to look at the existing boiler, a process that only takes a few minutes itself.


Those who make it to this stage of the boiler deal process will then normally be offered a choice of options. Every eligible alternative will be of the highest available energy efficiency rating, because fostering greater energy efficiency is the basic, underlying motivation for the program. Participants will still typically have the ability to make some momentous decisions at this stage, however.

Most who sign up will choose the combi boiler deal that is the most versatile and popular. A combi boiler provides both heat to a home it is installed in and a reliable supply of hot water for direct use. While not every home is equipped with a system of this type, they do typically make sense in most modern ones.

Others who participate in the boiler deal will choose another kind of system. For those homes that are already equipped with modern, tank-less hot water heaters, for example, a boiler that is designed to provide only heat to a home will make the most sense. Some homes will also benefit from integrated boilers that combine the home- and water-heating functions in an especially compact way, and new gas boilers these can also often be acquired under the program.

Through a simple online appointment and a couple of easy conventional ones, then, those who decide to participate in the program often have a lot to gain. The modern, high-quality boilers that are provided to participants are rated to last for many years, and they will normally do so while remaining very efficient, as well.

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